Town Center Vision Specializes in Contact Lenses

At Town Center Vision we have a full array of Contact lens services. Whether you are coming in for an appointment or bringing in a prescription, we will help you find the right lenses for your vision and your life. We have access to a wide variety of contact lenses.

Insurance Coverage Analysis

We also offer inurance coverage analysis to inform you what benefits your insurance provides for contacts. We look forward to helping you re-order lenses or get contacts for the first time.

Why order a year supply of contacts

There are many advantages to ordering a year supply of contacts rather than a few boxes at a time. In addition to the following benefits, having a year supply will promote more regular replacement of contacts which leads to greater eye health and comfort.

  • 10% discount from the regular price
  • Free polarized sunglasses from select collection or $50 off any sunglasses
  • Free shipping direct to your home or work
  • Combine rebate with insurance benefits to minimize out of pocket expense
  • Free replacement of torn or defective lenses